Lars Davidson

Chalmers University of Technology

Dr. Lars Davidsion is professor at Chalmers University of Technology since 1995 and he has been head of the division of Fluid Dynamics since 2005. The general subject of his research is computation of fluid flow and heat convective transfer using finite volume computations. He is working with in-house finite volume codes (pyCALC-LES, CALC-LES, pyCALC-RANS), which have been developed by himself. Turbulence modelling for fluid flow and heat transfer is the focus of his research. A large part of the research is concentrated on Large Eddy Simulations (LES). Lately, Dr. Davidson has focused on hybrid LES/RANS, an approach to make it possible to use LES for wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers. In 2022, he started to work on Machine Learning to improve wall functions and turbulence models.